Patricia Parpajola

Patricia-ParpaiolaAs a citizen of the world, Patricia studied abroad in different countries and lived in Southeast Asia, Australia and Central America working in the sales management of industrial and durable products, for over 16 years. Having decided to come back to her roots, Patricia relocated with her family to Turin (Northwest Italy), where both her mother and grandmother were from. Feeling a deep connection with Piedmont, she soon realized the endless potential of the territory and decided to invest her know-how to make it available to people from around the world.

A gourmet and food lover at heart, with a deep passion for Eastern philosophies, natural and alternative medicines, Patricia combines her passion for food and wine with nature, culture, history and regional traditions. She’s been also a yoga practitioner for over 20 years and her passion for genuine cooking was passed on to both her teenage children.

With TEC, Patricia promotes a way of travelling through the senses, creating strong connections between the people and their territory: Piedmont. Her multicultural awareness and extensive business experience allow her to quickly connect with the international experiential travellers and students, offering them a one of a kind experience.