Sandro Minella

Sandro-MinellaA Turin native, Sandro started his career as a trainer in natural parks, until he decided to make a life-changing experience in Italian restaurants and wine shops in New York City. There, he also organized workshops and events with food and wine producers from Piedmont and he was attracted by the genuine passion that he saw in the local winemakers and their strong ties with their own land and its traditions.

Realizing how food and wine are the best way to bring people of different cultures together, and being aware that the best way to learn about a culture is to live it every day in first hand, he decided to relocate in the Langhe, Piedmont’s ancient heart. Here he started organizing tours, tastings, and hands-on cooking and wine-making experiences for international food and wine professionals and tour operators, as well as foodies and… kitchen dummies.

This also led him to rediscover his own native town, where the aristocratic tradition of its old cafés is melting with the colorful kaleidoscope of flavours brought in by the recent migrations from all over the world.

Sandro is a professional tourist guide and ONAV (National Organization of Wine Tasters) member.