Decorated Paper and Bookbinding Workshops

TEC Presents Decorated Paper and Bookbinding in Association with Bottega Fagnola

Where: Cisterna d’Asti – near the Langhe – Roero UNESCO world Heritage site

When: start dates for 2018: 6th Oct; 13th Oct; 20th Oct and 27th Oct 2018

Workshop focus: Hands-on preparation of materials such as decorated papers and bookbindings, based on historical models, as well as the preparation of the specific tools and materials (ex: combs, pigments and colours); understanding of the processes involved in these productions.

Appropriate for: all levels of practitioners are welcome, max. 12 participants

Venue: Cisterna d’Asti at Bottega Fagnola

Tutor: Paola Fagnola

Workshop structure:

The workshop is divided into two parts. In the first part of the workshop you will learn about making decorated paper and in the second part of the workshop, we will teach you the skills of bookbinding.

Making Decorated Paper

Students preparing to marble paperIn the first part of the workshop, you will be guided through the processes of both traditional decorated paper making, and marbled paper making.

You will experiment with historical patterns for marbling paper including spotted, combed, waved, curl, peacock.

You will explore how to make paste and decorated papers (sprinkled, stained etc.) using your fingers and tools.

You will learn about historical recipes and colour preparation, and how to replicate these with modern materials when the original materials are no longer available.

You will create samples for each technique and learn how to make variations using tools, materials and patterns.

Bookbindingooks being prepared for restoration

The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to bookbinding. You will learn about several bookbinding models including:

  • pamphlets,
  • wrappers,
  • limp bindings, or
  • rigid paper cases

You will have the opportunity to replicate some of these processes.

The workshop will include:

  • 6 days of workshop taught in English on:
    • Paper decoration techniques
    • Marbled paper making
    • Bookbinding techniques
    • Materials included (recipe instructions, diagrams on [executive] techniques, bibliographical references)
  • 7-night accommodation with breakfast in the picturesque village of Cisterna d’Asti, (double occupancy rooms, walking distance to the studio)
  • 5 dinner; 7 lunch
  • Wine-tasting and wine storytelling in a historical winery
  • 2 sightseeing afternoon around the beautiful UNESCO heritage area

Upon request we can offer the following activities:

  • Bike tours with a local guide
  • Cooking class followed by dinner
  • Horse back riding

The workshop will be taught by Paola Fagnola a book and paper conservator.

Paola Fagnola

Image of Paola FagnolaPaola Fagnola started training as a bookbinder at a young age in the “Centro del Bel Libro” ( Ascona, Switzerland) and later graduated as a “Book and Paper Conservator” from SAF-ICRCPAL (Rome, Italy). At the age of 21, she won the prestigious “Prix Gourmand de la reliure” at the Biennale Mondiale de la Reliure d’Art (St.Rémy-lés-chevreuses, France) for her Book Binding skills. More recently Paola was awarded 1st Prize in the bookbinding category at the “Pieces for Peace” competition in 2014 (Ypres, Belgium). She is currently working as a Book Conservator at Bottega Fagnola, the family-owned studio in Turin, Italy. She is also teaching and tutoring various programmes about bookbinding, box-making, and book conservation, for design and conservation schools all over Italy, including SAF-ICRCPAL (Rome, Italy).

 About Bottega Fagnola

Bottega Fagnola was established in 1955 under the name of “Legatoria Rocchietti”. During the 1970’s Luciano Fagnola started as an apprentice at “Legatoria Rocchietti”. In 1981 Luciano acquired the ownership of this prestigious studio. He has extended the firm’s operations from solely craft bookbindings to include: box making; book and paper conservation and restoration; fine and design binding; and in recent years, teaching and mentoring in these techniques and processes.

The “Bottega Fagnola” name today is synonymous with the high quality of craftsmanship of Luciano, Paola and their staff. They combine traditional craft skills with new technologies to create products and services, which are bespoke, avant-garde, and award-winning.

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