Turin Educational Consortium
a new way to experience Italy, 
learn its culture and its language

Starting in July 2012, the Turin Educational Consortium (TEC), in collaboration with the Jesuit Fathers’ Social Institute of Turin (Italy), offers a brand new opportunity to study in the first Italian capital and savor la dolce vita, or the sweet life.

The Jesuit Fathers make their exclusive facilities available to all students for both classes and accommodation.

TEC aims to offer high-level classes about a wide range of subjects such as Italian studies, art, history, classics, Egyptology, literature, archeology, environmental science, anthropology, political science, agriculture, nutrition, economics and many others.
The TEC instructors are all highly qualified and experienced with the American academic system.

Our mission is to provide the best possible cultural and academic experience to all students. Therefore, we are open to any collaboration with university professors and academic institutions. To accommodate everyone’s educational needs, we are building a rich array of course offerings, and we facilitate different kinds of programs: individual, faculty-led, customized and multi-destination.
Have a look at what we offer, and don’t hesitate to contact us to share your thoughts and questions!
Vi aspettiamo!! – We look forward to meeting you!!
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