February: a rich month of events!

February is really a rich month of events with TEC in Turin!!

  • On Feb 9 we are welcoming our Italian Fashion students. This intensive workshop will last till Feb 23 and students will have the chance to learn about the Italian fashion (and perfumes) evolution through history and see the Carnival costumes in Ivrea (nearby Turin) or travel to Venice for the famous Venice Carnival!
  • On Feb 10 the Water Snake Year starts so we planned a great dinner
  • Mardi Gras is on Feb 12, get ready for our big Carnival Party!
  • Valentine’s Day is on Feb 14 and we’ll all meet for a delicious aperitif that will enhance our senses 😉


As the month goes by, look up on your calendars and see how you can squeeze in our next intensive Italian Fashion workshop on May 4-18!

During this workshop, we can help you organize a visit to the magic Ferragamo Museum in Florence!!

Hurry up: the registration deadline is April 3!

For any question, please e-mail Gloria (info@turineducational.org) and she’ll be happy to answer you!