Happy July!!

As we celebrate the beginning of this summer 2013, we would like to take the time to remind you about our Food & Wine programs both in Turin and in Piedmont and all their variants.

With us you’ll really have the chance to get to know how the local eats and what they eat. As you might already know, Italians are very proud of their cuisine and they cherish every detail of their table: from the food to the people who share it with them.  The four distinct seasons and the culture are particularly well portrayed in the local ingredients, specialties and wines.

In fact, if you are curious to learn more about the unique Piedmont wines, check out our Facebook page and stay tuned because from Sept. 11 our Wine Wed posts will resume!

As you will see browsing through our website, we did some restyling and added food & wine programs with different twists for different tastes and levels 😉

Naturally, all our educational traveling programs are still offered and we can now also offer some internship possibilities.

We also have a new Instagram account, so check us out: turinedu

Happy July 4th break, everybody and have a great summer!