Sign and Space Calligraphy Workshop: East and West in dialogue

Turin Educational Consortium  held a calligraphy workshop called “Sign and Space in the Eastern and Western Calligraphy”  from September 3rd to 11th 2016. The workshop attended by several international participants was led by Monica Dengo and Norio Nagayama.
This event featuring the participation of Mrs. Monica Dengo and Mr. Norio Nagayama was sponsored by ARCHES® through its distributor ColArt.
During the workshop on calligraphy, the Museum of Oriental Art in Turin held an exhibition with the artists’ works, see the interview with the Director of the Museum of Oriental Art, dr. Marco Biscione:

Here below some of the works done by the participants, photos courtesy Daniela Capasso who attended the workshop.dscn0056grouppic-1websizedscn3660websizedscn3653-websizedscn3644-websizedscn3638websizedscn3603websizedscn3618websizedscn3589websizedscn3583websizedscn3573websizedscn3558-websizedscn3532-websizedscn3528websizedscn3322websizedscn3304-websizedscn3276websizedscn3270websize