About Us

Turin Educational Consortium was founded to promote educational cultural experiences and cultural awareness in Turin: the Italian trendsetting city, rich in history, culture and technological innovations.

We provide our students with the highest possible learning quality and cultural experience.
With TEC you will be learning directly from first- hand experience that will lead you to new exciting subjects enriching your life!


236TEC was created by a group of Higher Education and tourism professionals with a global exposure and a proven record of international experience in different fields worldwide. As they finally came back to Turin after years abroad, they realized the high potential of the city and decided to invest their know-how and make it available to people from all over the world.
Along the way, TEC joined the La Salle Brothers’ Collegio San Giuseppe with its centennial educational tradition worldwide and their wonderful campus! In fact, their campus is a state of the art facility very close to an American campus.
As for the accommodation, thanks to the partnership with Collegio San Giuseppe, TEC can also offer college students the possibility of staying in a regular Italian university dorm within the La Salle network. This way students from all over the world studying abroad in Turin with TEC have the chance to befriend real Italian students their age.
To better satisfy the experiential travellers and long-term educational program participants, TEC  also partners with an apartment hotel that provides small, furnished and daily serviced apartments.

Teaching wise, all TEC instructors studied in an English speaking Country and are highly qualified and up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies. For the Italian cooking courses and internships in the culinary field, TEC partners with ACT, the Professional Association of Turin Chefs, the oldest Italian culinary association, founded in 1722!

All TEC staff members are multilingual and multicultural and have a great experience with global travellers and the many issues that can arise when you are abroad.

Finally, TEC is well connected with the local community and the region, thus constantly involving artists, designers, professionals, small and medium-sized business owners and local event organizers to collaborate, and hold workshops, along with seminars which allow both students and travellers to first-hand experience the way they work.