Our Mission

228As a young, dynamic and flexible organization, TEC offers challenging educational and experiential tourism opportunities through its many programs and links to the many local resources.
All our educational programs are deeply connected to the local culture contributing to its growth through our students academic projects.

Thanks to our partnerships and collaborations, TEC provides excellent facilities, inspirational instructional expertise, as well as a superior professionalism in a highly stimulating environment.

As we work with students and travelers coming from different Countries, English is TEC official language and all TEC educational programs follow the American academic standards.

Our (English and Italian) language and culture classes follow the most recent and effective teaching methodologies so that students are fully involved and easily learn through practice.
All our classes, at all levels, are interactive and fast paced just like real life is!

As TEC encourages students to go and learn beyond the classroom, taking advantage of the local multicultural communities, and the cutting-edge realities within the area, all our course syllabi and workshops are designed to the smallest detail with stimulating projects dealing with the city. Moreover, our students also have the unique opportunity to mingle with Italians and meet people their age, thus enriching their cultural awareness experience and in-depth perception of the city.

Ultimately, our mission is sending back home each student and traveler with a deeper cultural understanding of our fast-changing city, leading region and gateway to Europe.
TEC offers students and travelers the real chance to expand their palate and experience the many cultural facets of today’s Italy!