Gap Year


Gap_Year_uncollege_logoYour gap year in the USA

The UnCollege Gap Year program is a hybrid gap program that combines 21st century skill-building, international immersion, one on one coaching, portfolio development, and a professional internship.
It’s for students who are ready to step outside the contours of the conventional classroom learning experience and practice new skills in a variety of settings to deepen their understanding of how to be relevant in the innovation economy.
We — like parents, counselors, and teachers — are highly focused on student outcomes and return on investment. When they complete the program, our fellows go on to universities like UC Berkeley, Temple, Emory, and Hult International School of Business among others. Those pursuing careers right away have gone to work for a variety of companies.      [ UnCollege Gap Year profile.pdf ]



Your gap year in Italy

TEC, as a partner of UnCollege, welcomes gap year students both after high school graduation and during their college career.

Gap year students will be offered:

  • Voyage phase, a full immersion in Italian culture and language while living with a local family;
  • Internship phase, organized with local companies and professionals in art, design, fashion, food and architecture plus other options;
  • Courses and seminars on Italian language covering all above subjects.

All programs can be customized to meet specific needs from a minimum of 3 weeks up to a semester.