Italian culture and language

TEC organizes Italian as Second/Foreign Language courses for non-native speaking students at different levels.

All the Italian language and culture classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced native speaking faculties who will engage the whole class and students will dramatically improve their language skills by practising on a daily basis.

All the language, conversation and culture classes are fully taught in Italian following the communicative teaching approach: each lesson will be specifically contextualized to ease student’s understanding and learning, thus avoiding the need of another language to explain complex concepts.

TEC designs specific language, conversation and culture courses for:

  • beginners
  • intermediate students
  • upper level students

All these classes are very fast-paced and varied; students are constantly engaged in different activities and exercises

Upper-intermediate students can also register for the following courses offered in Italian:

  • Creative writing to improve the writing skills
  • Italian literature
  • Italian history
  • Italian art
  • Italian contemporary cinema
  • Italian culture
  • Italian food
  • Italian fashion