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Fresco Techniques and History – Workshop

Fresco is an ancient painting technique for the decoration of wall surfaces. Even though some of the earliest frescoes date from 2600 BC, it could be said that fresco painting reached its peak during the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods.

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The Moving Line: The Dancing Line of Corsiva Romana

“….. If we had examples of the earliest calligraphy (as opposed to formal writing) we would see the evolution of human emotion. Strictly speaking, informal cursive is the only valid written expression of the inner life of a culture. …..

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Calligraphy travel by Margaret Chan

Every once in a while one of our members gets to travel abroad and experience some new and exciting calligraphic experience. This past September, Margaret Chan went to Italy. In the following article, Margaret shares her experience of the seminars

A few words about the Calligraphy Workshop in Turin (4-10 th September 2016)

  I arrived at the Collegio San Giuseppe with mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation. A whole week devoted to exploring Japanese and Western calligraphy? And yet I had so little practical experience! My ostensible reason for coming was academic:

Sign and Space Calligraphy Workshop: East and West in dialogue

Turin Educational Consortium  held a calligraphy workshop called “Sign and Space in the Eastern and Western Calligraphy”  from September 3rd to 11th 2016. The workshop attended by several international participants was led by Monica Dengo and Norio Nagayama. This event featuring

Aussie students Had a Great Cultural Exchange in Turin with TEC

TEC-CEA students spent eight weeks on a Cultural Exchange Program in Turin. They lived with Torinesi families while attending Liceo Gioberti and they are all looking at coming back soon!


 SHARE THE EXPERIENCE!   De La Salle HS with the President, Mr. Barry Lieske & wife, Brother Alfredo, Collegio San Giuseppe’s director WHAT:                “FROM FIELD TO TABLE” – A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE ON ITALIAN FOOD PRODUCTION, PREPARATION AND SUSTAINABILITY WHO:

The Art of Drinking: educating young people on the culture of wine making and drinking in Italy

The Art of Drinking: educating young people on the culture of winemaking and drinking in Italy Diana Zahuranec came to Italy as a study abroad student in 2009. After graduating in Cultural Anthropology, Italian, and International Studies from Penn State,

From field to table: Il Tasso Organic Farm

“Do you see that huge Yew tree over there? It was planted by my father in 1894 and we chose it as the symbol of our farm”. Giovanni Giacomasso says, standing near the Yew tree, a true rarity nowadays while

From Field to Table: Turin trip June 2015

Twin Cities kids from De La Salle High School, Minneapolis enjoying their last day in Turin.  To read their blogging on the whole experience click the following link: Italy 2015