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Calligraphy travel by Margaret Chan

Every once in a while one of our members gets to travel abroad and experience some new and exciting calligraphic experience. This past September, Margaret Chan went to Italy. In the following article, Margaret shares her experience of the seminars

A few words about the Calligraphy Workshop in Turin (4-10 th September 2016)

  I arrived at the Collegio San Giuseppe with mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation. A whole week devoted to exploring Japanese and Western calligraphy? And yet I had so little practical experience! My ostensible reason for coming was academic:

The Art of Drinking: educating young people on the culture of wine making and drinking in Italy

The Art of Drinking: educating young people on the culture of winemaking and drinking in Italy Diana Zahuranec came to Italy as a study abroad student in 2009. After graduating in Cultural Anthropology, Italian, and International Studies from Penn State,

From field to table: Il Tasso Organic Farm

“Do you see that huge Yew tree over there? It was planted by my father in 1894 and we chose it as the symbol of our farm”. Giovanni Giacomasso says, standing near the Yew tree, a true rarity nowadays while

Study Abroad: An Eye-Opening Opportunity

As my college career came to an end, I frequently spent my time musing on the best experiences I had in the last four years. While I had many fond memories on my college campus, I realized that the most

Thinking About Taking a Gap Year? You’re Not Alone.

More students than ever before are taking gap years – and for good reason. It’s important to take time to explore your interests, develop skills and develop real world experience before you set out on your life path. It’s about taking

Strolling through Science in Turin: a visit to the Science Academy

Last April 8, on the opening day of the new Egyptian Museum of Turin, Nail Spencer -member of the British Museum’s Ancient Egypt department and of the Turin Egyptian museum’s advisory board- said: “Turin has a fantastic collection and an

Tom Johnson Guest Post: Tom’s performance at Artissma 2014

Turin Educational Consortium (TEC), in partnership with  De La Salle Collegio San Giuseppe organizes customized educational trips in Turin; the Italian trendsetting city, rich in history, culture, art and technological innovations.  White-toothed Ambition: an Invitation to an Empire State Tom

Welcome Kristin Ohlson, the New York Times free-lance journalist and writer!

Monday, 27 October, 2014 Starting this week we are hosting guest posts on various educational topics. Please, enjoy this guest post by journalist and writer Kristin Ohlson on environmental sustainability. The New York Times free-lance  journalist and bestselling author, Kristin