Educational Trips

TEC is very flexible and accommodates any faculty-led program requests, all year round:

  • Fall and Spring semester
  • Summer
  • Short breaks (Fall Break, Spring Break, J-mester, May-mester)

Upon request, TEC can help design special courses, guest speakers and visits. Special arrangements can be done for groups who wish to participate to:

  • Turin Film Festival in October
  • View Conference and View Festival for animation and computer graphics in October
  • View Conference workshops in October and December
  • Turin Horror Film Festival in November
  • Fashion events in October and November
  • Cooking classes all year round
  • Visits to indie designers lab and local companies all year round
  • Wineries
  • Local companies
  • Artisanal shops and labs
  • Farms

Upon request, TEC faculties can teach one or more courses and TEC staff can participate in activities and field-to assist the group organizers.

040TEC offers short-term courses for a continuing education public on vacation, more specific courses for professionals that feel the need to deepen their knowledge about specific topics and for high school and college student groups that have just a few days to delve into one specific topic.

All our academic travelling courses include visits to museums, local companies, artist studios, designer labs, cooking classes, guest speakers and guided tours. Upon request, we can also arrange for practical sessions and workshops.

Some of our course topics are:

  • Writing: fiction, non-fiction, blogging about: travel, food, art
  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Italian Wine & Food and Slow Food
  • Egyptology
  • History of art
  • Italian History
  • Yoga and alternative medicines
  • Martial arts and the Eastern philosophies
  • Turin’s Architecture and esoteric symbols
  • Turin: the chocolate capital
  • Italian fashion and sustainability
  • Italian cinema