“Turin is the tourist equivalent of The Purloined Letter by Edgar Allan Poe:
the best-kept secret ever!”

Alexander Stille

Located in the heart of the Western Italian Alps, Turin is the Italian trendsetting city, rich in history, culture and technological innovations: first capital of Italy and gateway to Europe.  You’ll be charmed by its rational Roman plan and its Baroque architecture; the elegance of its arcades will invite you to stroll all around the city center and you will soon give in to its social rituals: a velvety cup of hot chocolate and the rich aperitif – the heritage of its royal past!

Today, Turin and Piedmont, its region, are the hometown of many worldwide renowned companies and events like Lavazza, Nutella, Slow Food (Salone del Gusto), Martini & Rossi (Asti Spumante), Juventus F.C. and FIAT. Moreover, Piedmont is the real Wine Country of Italy, producing the largest amount of DOC and DOCG red wines! Italian fashion and Italian cinema were also born here and the variety of events organized all year long made of Turin the European Sports Capital for 2015!

Turin and TEC are waiting for you!

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Piedmont Wine Country

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