Food and Wine


Today, Piedmont and Turin, the regional capital, is the hometown to many world renown companies and events like Lavazza, Nutella, the Slow Food Movement, Martini & Rossi (Asti Spumante), Juventus and FIAT. Moreover, Piedmont is the real Wine Country of Italy, producing the largest amount of DOC and DOCG wines! Italian fashion, sport, cinema and national TV  were also born here and thanks to the variety of events organized all year long, Turin will be the European Sports Capital in 2015 and it’s also running as city candidate as European Capital of Culture in 2019.

Think full-bodied wines, truffles, hazelnuts, risotto, braised meats, games and cured meats. Professional chefs and amateurs, gourmets and food lovers from everywhere will enjoy this unique opportunity to take a look inside Northern Italy’s culinary and historic delights.

Our guided tours along with cooking classes offer more than just information and kitchen skills; you will learn and practice the art of cooking authentic Italian food from experienced international food professionals, who aptly convey the nuances of their motherland’s gastronomy.

Artisans and experts will also offer historical insight and access to regional cuisine, famous restaurants, acclaimed chefs and culturally flavoured food knowledge – at the source. Thoughts of Piedmont inspire images of rich cuisine, evolving for thousands of years and noble in its traditions. Learning from Italy’s great chefs and locals, you’ll be exposed to traditional practices and classical preparations that keep cultural influences intact on the plate.

Our culinary excursions include:

cooking classes, visits to companies, local businesses, presentations and tasting sessions, wineries, chocolate makers, cheese farmers, Porta Palazzo tour (the largest open market in Europe), historical cafe tour, gelato, caffe’, Slow Food, risotto, Eataly, organic culture, even food and photography classes; basically la dolce vita Turin style!

TEC programs include visits to:

  • biodynamic vineyards,
  • Porta Palazzo tour (the largest open market in Europe)
  • historical cafe tour, gelato and coffee
  • Slow Food and Eataly
  • organic farms,
  • historical businesses,
  • grappa and mountain distilleries,
  • breweries,
  • cheese farms,
  • chocolate makers and
  • bee-keepers!
  • Piedmont: the REAL Italian Wine Country
  • A flavorful week to get to know and appreciate the rich wines of Piedmont, the velvety chocolate, the rare white truffles, the traditional cured meats and the typical nuts (chestnuts and hazelnuts).
  • cooking classes
  • local company visits (Lavazza, Ferrero, brewery, etc) and
  • thematic tours to the historical coffee shops, historical pharmacies, Turin by night and the magic Turin
  • higher or lower impact excursions